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Blue Volt And The Noise (CD only)

Blue Volt And The Noise (CD only)


The debut album from the band COhOLiC 

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New EP

At Liberty

At Liberty is a FREE 6 track EP that features songs about freedom, tyranny, the ruling elite, masonic symbolism and control.

It also includes a cover of the song made famous by John Farnham - "You're The Voice".

All Lyrics by Chris Ross (Except track 5).

The music from tracks 1 - 4 were written by Iain Fugue and COhOLiC.

Track 5 by Andy Qunta, Keith Reid, Maggie Ryder and Chris Thompson.

Track 6 by COhOLiC.

Special thanks to Iain Fugue, John Gurney, Jill Rasco, Joe Rogan, Peter Joseph and Jacque Fresco.